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Application for inclusion in Register

Application for inclusion/amendments to Register of volunteers of the anti-terrorist operation and/or implementation of measures to ensure national security and defense, repel and deter armed aggression of Russian Federation

Paper application can be submitted in person, by mail or through authorized individual (representative):

benefactor in person – to any regulatory body upon presentment of passport;

representative – to the controlling body at the residence place of individual – benefactor, in presence of document certifying identity of such representative and document certifying identity of trustee or its photocopy (with a clear image), as well as power of attorney certified by notary to carry out relevant actions (returned after presentment) and its copy;

mail – to the controlling body at the residence place of individual – benefactor, signature of individual – benefactor on the application must be notarized.

For getting form to fill in, click here.


Electronic application can be submitted through the Electronic cabinet.

Individuals identified by the personal key issued by any qualified provider of electronic trust services will be able to use the specified service.

To fill out and submit application, after identification and entering private part of the Electonic Cabinet, it is needed to go to the Electonic Cabinet mode "For citizens" sub-mode "Application for volunteers" or follow the route "Additional / Introduction of reporting / Create" and select form with code f1308302.

After filling in the application, check, save, sign and send.

To submit application in electronic form through the Electronic cabinet, click here


Electronic application form (f 1308302) for software developers is available at the following link: